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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Mary calls out the LVSD board for deception. What do you think?

During the public meeting on the selling of LVMHS to a drug rehabilitation center ,a stone's throw away from LVE , the board was asked the amount of the bond indebtedness on LVMHS . Mr. Rafferty and Dr. Oldham replied they could not figure out the remaining bond issue on that building because of refinancing.

On the contrary PDE reports "Laurel Valley MS project 2393- Based upon PDE’s calculations the Ligonier Valley School District still owes $5,391,281.66 on Laurel Valley MS building."

It is quite apparent they did not want it known because in court they must show the district is not giving away the school for $1.7 million to Capital Coal who in turn is leasing the school to Mr. Schorr a partner in Coal Capital.

Mary Raich