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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Re-wilding to save ourselves physically and psychologically...and the earth

Diane Rehm scores again with today's show, an hour-long interview devoted to re-wilding:

"Diane talks with environmentalist and journalist George Monbiot about “rewilding” nature. It’s the process of freeing ecosystems from human intervention and allowing them — in some cases for the first time in millennia — to resume their natural ecological processes. Monbiot makes the case that returning ecosystems to the wild will not only benefit nature, but humans as well."

Also, Monbiot's TED talk (viewed over 4 million times) is at

"Wolves were once native to the US' Yellowstone National Park — until hunting wiped them out. But when, in 1995, the wolves began to come back (thanks to an aggressive management program), something interesting happened: the rest of the park began to find a new, more healthful balance. In a bold thought experiment, George Monbiot imagines a wilder world in which humans work to restore the complex, lost natural food chains that once surrounded us."