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Friday, January 30, 2015

Anon wants to know.....Why fracking?

Why fracking?  The Supervisors are opening a door to Marcellus Shale, why?  Have there been any questions directed at the Supervisors as to whether any Township owned property will be leased for gas extraction with these disjointed changes to the Zoning Ordinance and Map?  If so, the proposed alteration of the Zoning Ordinance could yield Ligonier Township significant revenues from land leases and royalties.  Check with abutting local governments for the financial windfalls received from leasing municipal land for gas extraction! Are our Elected Officials following that example?
Disappointing as it is, this cast of five Township Supervisors are as much out of touch as those who represented the Township in previous years.  Really, you gentlemen should be looking to voluntarily reduce your term in office.  I see no emergency, and no development pressures that warrant the wholesale changes to the Zoning Ordinance and Map.  You should have done the process correctly: first, update the Comprehensive Plan and allow citizen input in guiding the Township’s future; and second, develop a new Zoning Ordinance that is based on the findings of the Comprehensive Plan, its Vision for the Future and those Goals and Objectives established in that new document!  Are you getting bad advice or do you just not care? 

If it is extra money that you need, run that Township like a business!  For instance, be consistent in your tax collections.  Example, the Amusement Tax; does any eligible business other than Idlewild Park pay this levy?  There is money there to keep Ligonier Township solvent without destroying the very character that has made Ligonier a great place to live!

Submitted to Ligonier Living anonymously.