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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Arizona Realtor obtains the FIRST approval from the FAA for use of a drone for marketing real estate

Additionally, the FAA lists the following stipulations for operation of the UAV. Trudeau must:
  • Operate the UAV below 300 feet and within a radius distance of 1000 feet from the controller to both aid in direct line of sight visual observation
  • Operate the UAV for 3-7 minutes per flight
  • Conduct all operations under his own personal and flight safety protocols (including posting a warning sign reading: “Attention Aerial Photography in Progress – Remain Back 150 feet”) contained in the operating documents and will actively analyze flight data and other sources of information to constantly update and enhance his safety protocols
  • Contact respective airports if operations will be within 5 miles to advise them of his estimated flight time, flight duration, elevation of flight and other pertinent information
  • Have procedures in place to abort flights in the event of safety breaches or potential danger
Trudeau’s exemption lasts until Jan. 31, 2017, “unless sooner superseded or rescinded,” the FAA said.