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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bittersweet news, this...extend this, Mr.Wolf, to all of PA

Gov. Tom Wolf to reinstate moratorium on drilling in parks, forests

Bittersweet because so many acres have already been leased/drilled. Pennsylvania has 2.1 million acres of state forest, and has issued oil and gas leases for about 700,000 acres -- more than 130,000 acres of that for Marcellus Shale deep wells. Vast areas of the Allegheny National Forest have been ruined already, according to friends with property there. Stand up, Ligonier... .

"Gov. Tom Wolf plans to announce tomorrow that he will reinstate a moratorium on leasing new oil and gas wells in the state’s forests and parks, thus fulfilling a campaign pledge. Mr. Wolf will sign the executive order establishing the moratorium at an outdoor ceremony in Benjamin Rush State Park, in Philadelphia, weather permitting. In October 2010, Gov. Ed Rendell established a moratorium on gas well leasing in state forests, and Gov. Tom Corbett left that moratorium in place through May of last year, when he replaced it with a policy that restricted development within state parks and forests but allowed gas below parks and forests to be tapped by wells drilled horizontally from adjacent properties. In February 2011, Mr. Corbett repealed a 4-month-old policy adopted by the Rendell administration, designed to minimize the environmental impact of Marcellus Shale natural gas well drilling in Pennsylvania's parks."
Protestors from Western PA in Harrisburg last week for Governor Wolf's inauguration, kept out in the "free speech" zone. Eight arrests of everyday people who want drilling stopped in their areas, areas ruined. (Butler, Washington County, etc.).