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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Forget the hyperbole about fracking and think zoning. Keep your eye on the ball.

Hey.....if you Google "pollutants from pig farming" you find scads of articles from environmentalists speaking to the damage to the earth and health of neighbors associated with livestock farming. If we wanted to have a big glorious fight against farming in Ligonier Valley, we could do it. I am posting this to show how easy it is to pick a subject and scare the crap out of people.
Cars kill WAY more people and the highway system is WAY more polluting and more disruptive to nature than fracking or farming. Really, folks, unless you want to give up your cars, watch carefully what you eat, and start using candles, skip the hyporbole about fracking and just think about zoning in general. Find a place in Ligonier Township where mining makes sense and let it be for crying out loud.

All this screaming about how you don't like fracking is a bunch of noise, noise, noise and very easily tuned out.  This is a zoning discussion.  Talk zoning and find a place in Ligonier Township where mining could reasonably take place and have that discussion.  You might be successful in making a good case for reducing the available land for a process you don't like.  If you create a wall of sound that says there is no option but banning it, no one in a position to decide will listen to you.  You may as well not even show up.  Be realistic and perhaps you'll make progress for your cause.