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Thursday, January 22, 2015

here's what happens when the inevitable oil/gas leaks and spills start happening

"“Well, it’s a fairly depressing landscape,” says Martyn Day. He doesn’t seem particularly depressed as he says it. In fact, he seems positively cheerful, radiating all the satisfaction and energy of a man doing a job he loves.  That is probably at least partly because his legal firm Leigh Day, which specialises in ensuring “that the ordinary person has just as good quality legal advice as our state bodies, insurers and multinationals” has just pulled off a legal coup in the form of a settlement with Shell Nigeria for £55m. Leigh Day represented 15,600 Ogoni farmers and fisherman whose livelihoods were shattered after a two large oil leaks in 2008 and 2009. The original offer from Shell, back in 2011, was £4,000 for the whole community. Day is, obviously, very pleased to have got the settlement, although scathing about Shell’s behaviour. “The Shell case has shocked me,” he says. “The idea that they could have offered that community £4,000. All they were interested in was seeing what they could get away with, that really shocked me to the core. Even I, cynical as I am about all these CSR things, assumed Shell would be better than a lot of other people.”"

The only thing the oil and gas industry is interested in is their own profits, Ligonier...our water, our air, our soil, our tourism, our very existence as we know it in January 2015 is in peril. Stand up now and make the township supervisors work for those who elected them - US - not for their own self-interest or out of fear of the industry.