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Thursday, January 29, 2015

If you are concerned about "fracking" in Ligonier Township, let's look at this map.

Please right click link and open it in a new window so you can look at it and read.

The existing zoning ordinance does not have any limitations on where mining or drilling can take place, except for the wellhead protection zones.  So, for purposes of being concerned about "fracking" I presume you would want more restrictions.

The 1st draft of the ordinance which is linked here includes the old wellhead protection area and also two other areas where water resources are being protected.  See the red lined spots.

The proposed ordinance would allow "fracking" in A-1 and I-1 areas [blue and green on the map] subject to a permitting process and certain limitations such as:

  • minimum lot size of 50 acres
  • drilling no less than 650 feet from protected structures
  • drilling no less than 1000 feet from schools
The 2nd draft is in progress following public comment and will include the additional limitation of no drilling within 650 feet of a stream.  The 2nd draft of the map will show which streams will be subjected to this limitation.

Here's the 1st draft of the zoning ordinance, if you need it.

And just as a final note, there's lots more in that zoning ordinance and I'd hate to see something passed that doesn't get read and thought about because everyone is thinking about fracking. Just sayin..... ;)