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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Local high school senior speaks

(At the township supervisors' work session Tuesday.)

 "“As supervisors of this township, you are trustees of our resources, meaning that you are given the responsibility of managing the wealth, or natural endowment, of the land for the benefit of all who live, work and visit it,” said Madeline Ritter, a Ligonier Valley High School senior. “This is a responsibility that requires selfless decision-making and dedication to the people you serve. As part of the emerging generation and a member of this town, I have many concerns about fracking and its effects on our lands, water, forests, viewsheds and rural lifestyle among other things. I speak for all of the youth of this generation when I say these things must be preserved.”  Ritter warned the supervisors of fracking's permanent effects on the environment, “Before you throw away the future of my home's inheritance, you must give this issue thorough consideration and the research that it deserves,” she said. She asked how areas once zoned as conservation districts could now become areas where fracking will be permitted."