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Thursday, January 15, 2015

locals against fracking will likely attend the planning commission meeting on January 22nd

“This is our community,” said Stephanie Verna of Laughlintown. “I'm a resident of this township, and I think that you have a duty to all of us to preserve our natural resources, protect the value of our property and homes, protect our roads and infrastructure, and provide adequate public safety.
“I'm just concerned that all the impacts have not been thoroughly considered in evaluating where to permit fracking in our township. ... I'm very concerned that the new ordinance will not serve the residents of this community.”
The planning commission is still reviewing a draft zoning ordinance and map it received last month. The board will meet at 7 p.m. Jan. 22 to further review the drafts and possibly make a recommendation to the supervisors.
Danny Verna of Laughlintown said as a Boy Scout, he was taught to leave no trace on the environment, and “fracking certainly doesn't follow this basic principle.”
Jennifer Gourley said fracking was done 4,000 feet from her home's well, and her water has been contaminated. She showed a jar containing her well water, which was grey and cloudy. She said she now has health issues, including shaking, stumbling and slurred speech.
“Frack zones never go away,” said resident Jan Milburn. “They remain industrial. They will be fracked and re-fracked for years, with condensate tanks, dehydrators, valves and wells, all producing toxic air pollution that this entire valley is going to breathe. Then come compressor stations and pipelines.
“Ligonier Valley is special and has special needs,” she said. “We are a recreation, tourist area with high-quality streams, special topography and many water wells.”

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