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Friday, January 16, 2015

map for drilling being revised

Based on the planning commission's comments, Korns said, the draft map the commission will review at its regular meeting at 7 p.m. Jan. 22 will no longer have an overlay showing where drilling will be permitted. Instead, an overlay will show where drilling will not be permitted. Additionally, conservation districts — where no drilling may take place — will be expanded and added around sensitive areas, such as the Loyalhanna Watershed, the area by Fort Ligonier and the Ligonier Valley Cemetery and Ligonier Valley High School.
Drilling will be permitted in the industrial and agricultural zones provided the driller meets setback and lot size requirements, Korns said of the preliminary drafts.
“From the discussion that (the board) had, the limitation will be that there will be a 50-acre minimum lot size for a well pad and a 100-acre minimum lot size for a compressor station,” Korns said. “Both the well pad and compressor station ... would have to meet decibel and operations requirements.”
“Also, any well pad or compressor station must meet minimum distance requirements,” he said. “The initial draft, we will have that it cannot be placed within 650 feet of an occupied structure, which is higher than Pennsylvania's standard of 500 feet.”
Carcella said the changes may alleviate some people's concerns, but by law, the township cannot ban drilling.

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