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Friday, January 23, 2015

the new nuclear

Think of it: a nuclear reactor that
- is cheaper than coal
- creates much less waste and few long-lived radioactive elements
- uses almost all of the fuel which lasts 7 years between replacement, and can be recycled easily
- is modular, from 80 MWt to 600 MWt, able to be combined and adapted to individual needs for both on and off-grid heat and power
- is small enough to allow fast and easy construction, and trucking to the site
- operates at normal pressures, removing those safety issues, and at higher temperatures making it more energetically efficient
- has the type of passive safety systems that make it walk-away safe
- does not need external water for cooling
- can load-follow rapidly to buffer the intermittency of renewables
- cannot be repurposed for military use and has strong proliferation resistance
- can last for many decades
- uses a liquid fuel
Now that is different!