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Monday, January 19, 2015

This is a photo from the bedroom window of my childhood home.

Yes, there was a lovely rainbow over Bull Run that day.  I'm not posting the pic for the rainbow, though.  I thought with all the hubbub about Benzene and pipelines, you might be interested to see the very large pipeline visible in the hillside in the background.

This huge pipeline runs from Clairton to Braddock.  It recycles waste gas from the Clairton Coke Works to the Irvin Works in West Mifflin and the Edgar Thompson Steel Works in Braddock.  I understand that there is Benzene in the pipe.

We lived near the pipeline as you can see.  It ran under the homes of my neighbors. We kids all played near the pipeline.  Nothing terrible happened. We've all had normal lives.

Just sayin......

Sometimes I think the terror of what you are not used to is very scary. I imagine kids who like me grew up with families whose fathers worked in mines and steel mills or perhaps in the shadow of a factory, railroad, or power plant, aren't as terrified of real life manufacturing or energy production.

Sometimes I think the terror of what you are not used to is very scary. Just imagine how folks were terrified of trains, electricity, cars, and airplanes. Would we even have electricity in our homes if the terror mongers got people all worked up over voltage, wiring, transformers, and power plants?

Some might have preferred that we stick to candles.  Doesn't it seem odd that some people now sort of sound like they want us to go back to candles and maybe even the horse and buggy?