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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

"When Will it End?" a letter to the editor

"As a resident of Findlay, I recently attended a community meeting wherein the Findlay Township board of supervisors invited residents to attend and listen to Consol Energy representatives’ response to residents’ noise complaints from Dec. 16 to 18 from Consol’s natural gas well drilling on Allegheny County Airport property.

Consol representatives had detailed logs of the noise complaints, stated each was investigated and concluded Consol was well below the required ordinance noise level.

However, the residents weren’t there for this. We were there to know, when will it end? The incessant hum. The incessant vibration. One resident stated that his floors vibrated, his chandelier shook and his foundation was cracking. He even went so far as to invite the Consol representatives to his home to witness it.

Me? I care for a brother with cancer and an elderly mother whose memory is failing. All I want is peace in my life. Where can I find it if not in my own home?          ---NANCY KOCH Findlay