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Friday, January 23, 2015

Will this be the future in Ligonier?

Feb. 24, 2015, (9:30 AM court convenes)
801 City County Building
4141 Grant Street
Pittsburgh, PA  15219

Upcoming Appellant argument against Range Resources before the PA Superior Court (3 Judge Panel).

The Trial Court ordered Range to disclose all of its chemicals used and spilled at the Yeager site. Range is appealing the order, in part because it says it doesn't know all the chemicals it used and spilled.

Argument is open to the Public.

Lovely...So Range doesn't know what chemicals it How then does it treat its workers for chemical burns, how then does it know how to respond to spills?
It. Doesn't. Care. About. Any. Of. That.

Profits, cares about those. It works very hard to keep everyone focused away from the sordid details of how fracking primarily benefits a tiny group and, in a warming, polluted world, not much else.

Until it cares enough to remove the risks it's taking at every drill site with other people's lives - with the air, water and land - this industry must be stopped.