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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Farmer John Clay asks some questions about the food we eat...

Burning Questions from a farmer who grows for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture, meaning food direct from a farmer to the people eating it...not industrial food from the supermarket, trucked in from far away.)

"It was only a few years ago that my questions about food began.  At first I could brush them off or put them aside. Over time, they nagged, eventually demanding answers. I was living in Brooklyn running a small catering business with two close friends. While I had always cooked at home, I was not a classically trained chef. I simply knew that I loved to eat and I really loved to feed people. As food became central to my daily life, the same pesky questions faced me every day:

*   Why do I feel better when I eat food grown in one way and not in another way?

*   Why do we receive more compliments about the food we prepare when I know where and how it's produced? Even if the customer didn't know these things.
*   What is agriculture doing to our planet and is it right?
I was changing from someone who grew up eating healthy but didn't think about how the food arrived on my plate to someone who was questioning every product I consumed. The questions began to burn, and a desire for answers led me to an apprenticeship at Longview Farm. Within weeks, I was answering my questions and asking even more profound ones that have transformed into a fire that fuels a passion for food and agriculture that will not be satisfied anytime soon.
As you read this, I hope you begin to wonder, "What are my burning questions about the food I eat?""

Greener Partners CSA (Collegeville, PA)

Find a CSA in our area for good eating this coming season. Support a farmer and be part of a shift away from the industrial food system that affects the soil and water and ultimately, our health.