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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Here is where Ligonier is headed...take heed, and make speed to see that it ain't so!

Consol and the county have been less than good neighbors

"The headline “Consol Seeks to Work With Communities” (Feb. 3 letters) was an eye catcher for me, as I was very surprised to read that Consol Energy views itself as a good neighbor in Findlay Township and in particular to the people of Imperial Pointe, who are within 1,180 feet of well pad No. 2. The significant accommodations Consol alluded to in its delusional response to another letter (“Findlay Drilling,” Jan. 28) are far from the truth. From day one, we, the community of Imperial Pointe in Findlay, asked Consol, the Airport Authority, Allegheny County and Findlay Township to move the well pad a half-mile from our homes. This request went unheeded, with the exception of one township supervisor.

During a meeting with township residents on Dec. 30, in response to increased noise and vibration complaints, Consol stated its data did not support any evidence that Consol caused high levels of noise or vibrations as a result of its operation. What was insulting to the residents was the lack of credible data or the presence of Consol’s consultant at the meeting. What many of us know is that since the start of drilling, we have experienced numerous incidents of loud noises, droning and vibrations that have disrupted our way of life.

In my opinion, Consol and the Airport Authority have been less than “good neighbors” throughout the process of drilling. For many of us, this is the first time any resident has experienced these particular disruptions after living here for more than 16 years. The fact is Consol, Allegheny County and the Airport Authority are unwilling to work with the community and are interested only in grabbing every possible ounce of gas to fatten their wallets at the expense of the residents who live, work and raise their families here."