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Saturday, February 7, 2015

In the Trib: Fight drilling

"Here's the letter I sent to the state Department of Environmental Protection regarding the proposed Marcellus well near my home along Willowbrook Road in Allegheny Township.

To the DEP: Did you know in October when you approved the Porter pad well permit that CNX Gas was going to ask for more?

We objected to the one permit and vehemently object to the request for five additional wells. What's next — a compressor station? You are systematically ruining what was once one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in this area. The DEP has recklessly handled this insidious industry and now thousands of lives have been ruined.

I will not go down without a fight. I've hired an attorney to fight for my rights guaranteed by the Pennsylvania Constitution: “clean air, pure water and the preservation of the ... environment.” Does the DEP understand that?

I'll spend my inheritance, retirement fund and savings. I will never let you or the gas companies walk all over me. There's always welfare.

Please file this letter with the other objections you have accumulated from our neighborhood. I only hope they someday come back to bite you.
I remain angry to the core. 

Dee Frederick
Allegheny Township"