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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ken Clark is on the way to Kenya!

Just got this email from Ken and Judy.  This is awesome!  We know Ken from his readings at Mellow Mike - the serious side -driving in Iraq & the soft side - Ligonier school bus driver.

Hello All!
This email is to let you know I leave for Kenya - yes, the one in Africa *:D big grin -  and will be there for 2-4 weeks as an IFRE Volunteer in a remote rural medical clinic serving the Masai Tribal People of the Great Rift Valley.
I'm launching a fundraiser for the medical clinic on February 1st on the crowd-funding website INDIEGOGO. My goal is to reach $5000 in 40 days.
After the fundraising campaign ends, the contributions will be forwarded to me and I will take those funds with me to Kenya where they will be converted to Kenyan Shillings and the needed supplies: medications, vaccines, antibiotics, surgical supplies, etc. will be purchased by me and a clinic staff member. We'll then truck them out to the clinic, which is in the middle of nowhere, seriously, where I then will stay for that night and two days assisting the doctor. I'll then travel back to Nairobi and work in a few different clinics and community projects in the area and then back to Ewaso Clinic for a few days before I leave for home.
This clinic, the Ewaso Medical Clinic, serves the poorest of the poor. There is no clean water. Hot water comes by way of the fire out back. People walk from 3 to 35 miles and more to receive basic medical care. It is so remote the only staff member is Doctor Merue. He is a former government senior medical officer who left his job to help his people. There is a great need. I hope you can help. If you can't financially, please pass this request along.
Those of you who know me know I'm not one to ask for money. None of this is for me. I'm funding this trip on my own. All the money collected goes to the clinic.
If you'd like to contribute, go to:
                                                type in the search bar in the upper right corner the words: Masai Medical Mission;
                                                enjoy browsing the campaign and make special note of the cool perks I'm offering;
                                                make your donation and fill out the information to receive a perk, if you so desire;
                                                feel GREAT about what you've just done.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me. I'd love to hear from you.
Remember, the MASAI MEDICAL MISSION Campaign begins February 1st and runs for 40 days. Don't miss out.
Thanks So Much.
Ken Clark
P.S: For those of you wondering who I might be, I also have gone by the names Magnum, Superman and Psyco. That should jog some memories!*:D big grin