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Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Letter to the Editor:

Action Time: No More Fracking in Ligonier

"The battle against fracking in Ligonier Township has been going on for three years, led by a growing group dedicated to our collective right to maintain the township we currently have. They have worked tirelessly to educate the supervisors and their efforts have been about everyone's land, everyone's future here.

On the night of Jan. 22, the township planning commission showed its cards ( “Ligonier Township zoning map advances”). Despite township officials' known conflicts of interest, despite having stacks of fact-based concerns about this industrial process presented to them, they are poised to transform Ligonier Township into another industrial gasland. Our land, our future.

At this critical point, inaction on the part of everyday Ligonier Township residents will help to destroy the township. Sitting back passively right now will guarantee that in 10 years' time, the township will have ceased to be the tourist destination it now is, and few will want to live here.

The entire state of New York banned fracking, but not without a struggle; it took many hands to haul that life-affirming decision over the finish line. Whether you are a “conserve-ative,” a liberal or unaffiliated, roll up your sleeves right now and find ways to keep your Ligonier Township from turning into an industrial zone.

The clock is ticking."

Elizabeth Donohoe