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Monday, February 9, 2015

note from Mary

Here is tonight's motion that will be voted upon at the school board.

John McDowell- Chairperson
B-01-15 That approval be given to the resolution authorizing the District to negotiate the sale of the Laurel Valley Middle/High School to Western PA Coal Resorts LLC.
B-02-15 That approval be given to appoint __________________, ___________________ and __________________ to the Committee of the Board assigned to negotiate the specific terms of the sale.

The LVSD will have the distinction of being the only school district in the USA that invites a drug/rehab center to be established a stone's throw away from an elementary school. Are the directors that callous toward the welfare of the Laurel Valley School children or is this part of a bigger original plan to get the elementary building closed also, thus opening the entire campus to mineral development for those who engineered this from the beginning with their front man Bruce Robinson? 

Mary Raich