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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Protect Ligonier Valley

The proposed Ligonier Township zoning ordinance changes conservation and RA areas to zones where the industrial process of fracking will be permitted. This will expose residents to toxic chemicals and bring pipelines, compressor stations, and other industrial processes to the community.

Why should we be concerned?

*Nuisance: Each well requires thousands of heavy truck trips. Drilling operations continue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, exposing residents to sustained noise and light pollution.

*Leaks, Explosions: First responders in Greene County could get no closer than 900 feet to the ongoing fire and the explosion at a fracking site. In Ohio, families within a 1.5-mile radius of a well leak were evacuated. Act 13 ruling.. Post-Gazette, February 2014.; Families Flee, Dispatch, 2014

*Groundwater Contamination: "Pennsylvania regulators found an array of contaminants in the roughly 240 private water supplies that were damaged by oil/gas operations during the past seven years.” Chemicals now being found in our water supplies have been linked to cancer and kidney, liver, and neurological damage. (DEP releases updated details.. Post-Gazette; September 2014 American Nurses Assoc. House of Delegates)

*Air Pollution: Carcinogenic benzene, formaldehyde, and hydrogen sulfide were found at fracking sites sometimes at levels thousands of times federal limits. They can affect nearly every tissue in the human body, leading to acute (dermal allergies, asthma) and chronic (neuro, reproductive, hematopoietic, genetic and pulmonary toxicity and cellular damage) health effects, eye and respiratory irritation, fatigue, irritability, poor memory and dizziness . Six samples were taken near compressor stations- all contained formaldehyde levels with increased lifetime cancer risks.“ Carpenter et al, Environmental Health”

*Health: Of the 300 chemicals presumed in fracking fluid, 40% are endocrine disrupting, 1/3 suspected carcinogens, and 1/3 developmental toxicants. Over 60% can harm the brain and nervous system.(Colburn, Endocrine Exchange) Babies born to mothers living in areas with the highest density of wells were more than twice as likely to have neural tube defects and a 38 % greater risk of congenital heart defects than those living with no wells within a 10-mile radius. Environmental Health Perspectives, McKenzie

*Waste: The average well produces 1000 tons of drilling waste that must be transported through our community.

*Property Value Depreciation: Properties having water wells that are within 1 km of shale gas wells dropped 22% in value. The Journal of Real Estate Literature showed that people bidding on homes near fracking locations reduced their offers by up to 25 % . (Muehlenbachs, Duke U; Boxall, U. Alberta; University of Denver; Joe Dyer, Fracking/Real estate conundrum.)

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