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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A 'Year of Eye-Catching Steps Forward' for Renewable Energy

"(Increases in renewable energy in 2014 meant that) the world’s electricity systems emitted 1.3 fewer  gigatonnes of harmful CO2 than it would have if that 9.1 percent had been produced by the same fossil-dominated mix generating the other 90.9 percent of world power. That's roughly twice the emissions of the world’s airline industry."

"Once again in 2014, renewables made up nearly half of the net power capacity added worldwide,” said Achim Steiner, Executive Director of UNEP. “These climate-friendly energy technologies are now an indispensable component of the global energy mix and their importance will only increase as markets mature, technology prices continue to fall and the need to rein in carbon emissions becomes ever more urgent.”China saw by far the biggest renewable energy investments last year – a record 83.3 billion dollars, up 39 percent from 2013. The United States was second at 38.3 billion dollars, up seven percent on the year (although below its all-time high reached in 2011). Third came Japan at 35.7 billion dollars, 10 percent higher than in 2013 and its biggest total ever.

No ruined water, no ruined air, no earthquakes, no cancer, no asthma, and people profiting financially, as well. No question, the way to go is renewables...our lives depend on it.