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Saturday, March 21, 2015

From a biologist living in Greene Co., an area we could all learn from...before it's too late

''This now leads us to local situations. We now know that there is a lot of bromide entering our water systems. This bromide is coning from local mining discharges. Bromide is not generally associated as a problem in the mining industry. Where are these bromides coming from? A good way to track down the source of these bromides is to monitor the height of the mine pools. We estimate that there is over 1.2 trillion gallons of water in our old worked-out mines. The old mines are flooded, and they must be pumped down in order to keep them from blowing out into the surface water. This mine water needs to be treated before being released into the raw drinking water supplies. If you study the heights of these mine pools, you can see a marked increase in their heights. Let me give you an example. In August and September of 2012, Clyde Mine showed a marked increase in the mine pool. The pool level went from 780 feet above sea level to 802 feet above sea level. One spike occurred in late August and another in mid September.