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Saturday, March 7, 2015

I am so freaking excited.......

Guess what?  I am blogging to you using a hotspot from my iPhone!

Still no internet or TV thought the fellow at Comcast was terrific.  New equipment is on the way and he even found a way to give me lots more service at a cheaper monthly rate. Yahoo!

Now, I wasn't able to really finish my thought in that last post, the one with the Teddy Bear image, because class started.  So, here's what I wanted to say.

Losing connectivity at a time when I really wanted to use it made me think again just how vulnerable we are.  If it had been a loss of power or water, it would have been worse.

I started counting cans of food in my head.  Just how long could I survive if the system went down.  Not long.  Jiminy crickets, we live on the edge, don't we?  ;)