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Monday, March 23, 2015

the world's best teacher award winner, Nancy Atwell

 "Ms Atwell’s school in the rural town of Edgecomb, Maine, is no ordinary place of learning. Then again, Nancie Atwell is no ordinary teacher. At her school, all classrooms have libraries, standardized tests are forbidden, classes are small, every religious and cultural holiday is celebrated, and students pick the topics they write about and the books they read. And read they do: her students wolf down about 40 books per year, well above the national average. Earlier this month, Atwell was named the winner of a competition to find the world’s best teacher. She accepted the Global Teacher Prize, dubbed the Nobel Prize of teaching, at a ceremony in Dubai. [...]

Teachers are being essentially asked to be technicians, to read a script, and the script is not valid,” Atwell said. “[Test scores] are all that counts right now. It’s all data analysis, metrics and accountability. It’s a business model that has no business being applied to the craft of teaching or the science of learning.”Atwell disagrees with the politically contentious common core educational standards, which she said focus too much on test scores, rather than lessons learned, or books read, as a mark of achievement. Students all learn at different paces and levels, and the common core standards steamrolls individuality and forces everyone to be quite literally on the same page, she said."