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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Amber Noel pleas for help and also for responsible pet ownership.

Let me start out by apologizing because this rant is going to be a bit long, but it is necessary. As a lot of people know, Beth Luther and myself handle alot of the rescues in the area. Rescue doesn't just mean taking an animal in and finding it a home. It also means trapping animals, helping them get medical attention, and trying to spay/neuter any "stray, feral, or outside" animals (usually cats) so that they quit spreading diseases to each other and DON'T HAVE MORE KITTENS. We offer help to alot of people that could have easily taken care of these problems themselves, but don't or won't for some reason that they only seem to know. Then when spring comes we start getting the phone calls to come "get the kittens and do something with them." No matter how upset we are with these people, as the problem could have been avoided, we still go help. It wouldn't be right to refuse because it's the animals that will suffer. So here we are again, entering kitten season and the calls have already begun because of irresponsible owners. Please people, just take care of your animals. We are not miracle workers. We don't have endless funds coming in. Many times we are using our own money to help an animal in need. Which brings me to the next problem in irresponsible ownership. If you don't have the money, time, or maturity to care for an animal, don't get one. If something happens in your life that you need help, then ask. Don't just abandon your animals. This is what I am dealing with now. An individual lost his home and made no advance plans for his cats. Now he moved and he just left his cats behind at his old property. I was up there today and all of these cats are now sick or starving. It's heartbreaking. There is a cat with a major neurological disorder that can barely walk. A second with another neurological issue that isnt as severe but still has mobility problems. There are multiple cats that are walking skeletons with fur. All these cats need immediate attention. They are all suffering and will die horrible deaths if they arent helped. Myself and Beth Luther are going to try to undertake the task of trapping all these cats, but we are going to break our budgets trying to save them. There are 10-20 cats still left on the property that will all need vet care and fosters or adopters. This is not acceptable. This person left these cats behind to fend for themselves, breed, create a bigger problem, and eventually die. This is something that absolutely should not have happened. So throughout this week you will see pics of cats pop up needing sponsors, fosters, or adopters. We have $160 in the account from when Pete (Butt Butt) was caught, but this won't be nearly enough. We are going to need funding again to help with all of this. Unfortunately we have to ask the public again for their help. I was also considering some small fundraiser like a vendor show. Any other questions or suggestions please feel free to call or text me at 814-421-7978. Hopefully together we can help out all of the Ligonier animals, even if it is one animal at a time.
***Side note, just so everyone knows, we are still working out the Memorial Pete/Butt Butt fund. As I noted earlier we have $160 in donations left from his care. The details of the fund are still being sorted through as we are attempting to bring more people and businesses in. I'm hoping to have all the details ironed out soon. We do have to divert anymore donations though from Donovan Veterinary Clinic to Ligonier Borough Police. The vet clinic cannot handle the funds for us anymore. Anyone sending in donations can still make them out to the vet clinic but they must be sent into the PD. Please note on the check that it is for Ligonier homeless animals or the Pete fund. The address is Ligonier Borough Police Attn Amber Noel 112 N. Fairfield St. Ligonier, PA 15658. If you prefer paypal, donations can be sent to
Thank you!