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Wednesday, April 8, 2015


California rations water, Ligonier Living rations posts

Out west, Californian officials are restricting water use by residents because of drought. Closer to home, a different sort of restriction is being placed...on posts to Ligonier Living. Despite the high number of readers of posts by one Ligonier Living blogger - myself, that is - restrictions of one post per day have been imposed. (This may not apply to everyone, don't despair!)

So, with that little explanation out of the way, here is my lone post for Wednesday, April 8th:

Ligonier is a lovely town, situated in a beautiful, unspoiled valley. It is home to many generous, life-affirming people, some of whom are working very hard to protect it for everyone, not for just a few. That's because all of Ligonier Valley's residents - no matter what their politics or worldviews might be - deserve to breathe clean air, drink clean water, and be governed by honest, ethical officials. The realities about what is happening both here in Ligonier and in the larger world - on which we are dependent for our survival - should be shared widely and often. (According to the blog's banner, contributors are welcome to its "free speech zone," which is certainly an invitation to anyone reading to weigh in.)

So here's to a future of sharing facts and observations - one post per day, for me, at least - on this very worthwhile local venue, Ligonier Living. All the best, dear readers!