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Friday, April 17, 2015

One that didn't get away with it....

"Environmental Health & Safety violation issued on 2015-03-05 to Chesapeake Appalachia Llc in West Burlington Twp, Bradford County. 78.57(a) - CONTROL, STORAGE AND DISPOSAL OF PRODUCTION FLUIDS - Operator failed to collect the brine and other fluids produced during operation, service and plugging of the well in a tank, pit or a series of pits or tanks, or other device approved by the Department or Operator discharged brine or other fluids on or into the ground or into waters of the Commonwealth."

As other drillers have done, Cheasapeake intentionally disregarded the laws and environmental rules that (don't go far enough to) keep frackers in check. They never built the tanks or the pits...they just pumped the brine wherever it wanted to go. 

They got caught. But how many don't? How much toxic crap is flowing into PA water systems, wreaking havoc that won't necessarily even show up until cancers develop in years to come, long after this boom-bust industry has left us to clean up after them?

This is this real-world scenario that Ligonier Township supervisors have opened the Valley to. 

Why did you sit back, Ligonier, and allow it to happen? Are you going to step up now, and protect your landbase? What has to happen before you take action...?