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Monday, April 6, 2015

Quotes of the day from Califor-ni-a...

"“We are being forced to create a front lawn out of stones and, yes, cacti,” said Harland Dorrinson, a resident of suburban Sacramento. “I’m not sure that this is a world I would want to leave to my children.”

''Carol Foyler, a San Mateo resident who has watched her lawn turn from a gorgeous green to a hideous brown during California’s drought, said she blamed scientists “for failing to warn us of the true cost of climate change.” “They always said that polar bears would starve to death,” she said. “But they never told us our lawns would look like crap.”" 

Yeah...our lawns will look like crap.

In a culture that strives to separate us from the very context that gives us life, the earth, a culture that values profit-making no matter the cost of that production, it is no wonder whole generations of people are divorced from the implications of our way of life. People in this culture are simply conditioned to consume, and it is conflated with "freedom.'' The propaganda starts young - as soon as one is able to be propped up in front of the tv - and, by the time you reach Carol and Harland's age, "the world" is their neighborhood, their suburb, their mall, etc.. Nothing else matters to them or is connected to them, other than perhaps as a vacation destination. Another thing to consume.

Except that the truth we have succeeded thus far in ignoring is that everything is connected, and in fact matters more than the unsustainable life we have built at the cost of failing systems all around the globe. The costs of our way of living are still relatively easy to ignore  in the much of the US, but fasten your seat belts fellow consumers...the ride is going to get progressively bumpier.