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Friday, April 3, 2015

Report Identifies Top 10 Oil & Gas Companies for Spills & Legal Violations

Finds Only Three Out of 36 States Publicly Track* Oil & Gas Companies’ Missteps; Public Records for Federal Lands Not Available After 2011


While there are thousands of oil and gas companies operating around the country, this report analyzed the available public data regarding 68 of the largest companies based on the amount of acreage they have leased nationwide. At the end of 2011, these companies held mineral rights leases covering at least 141 million acres—an area the size of California and Florida combined. Of these companies, the following 10 had the most violations overall, in order of most to least:
  1. Chesapeake Energy (669)
  2. Cabot Oil and Gas (565)
  3. Talisman Energy (362))
  4. Range Resources (281)
  5. EXCO Resources (249)
  6. ExxonMobil (246)
  7. EQT Corporation (245)
  8. Anadarko Petroleum Corporation (235)
  9. Shell (223)
  10. Penn Virginia Corporation (186)
Top Violators by State
The following companies stood out as having the most violations in each of the three states with publicly available data:
  • Colorado: Chevron (53)
  • Pennsylvania: Chesapeake Energy (589)
  • West Virginia: EQT Corporation (92)

*If you don't track the violations, then you can say they didn't very convenient. This is what happens in countries where the government is sleeping with the corporations they are supposed to oversee/regulate. Third World countries are where corruption is thought to happen routinely, but ladies and gentlemen, these United States are literally polluted with corruption, fracking pun intended.