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Friday, April 17, 2015

submitting posters for events for Ligonier Living

Hi, Folks:  If you'd like to post info about special events on Ligonier Living, here are the options:

1.  I can make you a contributor so you can post things directly.  This is preferable if you are a business owner or have a desire to post items frequently.

2.  Send me text in an email with an attached picture.  I can grab the text and post it along with the picture.

3.  Send me you poster as an image file.  I can post it like the one you see in the previous post. It's not going to be super huge but I can get it up there easily.

Lots of folks make their posters in a pdf format.  This works when you want to print the poster but it's not a format I can post easily on Ligonier Living so I'll probably email you back and ask if you can switch to option 2 above. ;)