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Thursday, May 7, 2015

As things that happen in each of our lives certain things we never forget. Many of them happy moments and some very sad. In the early hours of Tuesday morning for our fire company was one, we shall never forget. We will never forget it for the loss of our friend and the attempts we made to try and help him. But Tuesday gives us reason to look back and think about Lt. Eslary and remember all the reasons we miss him now and as time passes. The times in the morning hours either getting rained on or freezing waiting for a tow truck and laughing telling stories to pass the time while he was on duty. The times we trained together as firefighters. The times we helped someone in our community or someone just passing thru. The time at our station he stopped to show us and let us know he had a new Thermal Imager for in his patrol car and showed a few of us what it could do. The times of exchanging tickets his fire company sold in Wilpen for the tickets we sold in Darlington. The time he came to our annual banquet and proudly showed off and rightfully bragged about his 4 legged partner and made us as a community proud to say "hey we got a K-9 officer and his name is Eric" and it made us feel a little safer. The Monday work nights he would stop at the station or any time after deer season he would stop one of us or we would stop him on the street and ask each other if we did any good in the woods? Eric we are proud to have worked with you and we are proud to been able to call you friend. We will pray for your family and we ask you keep an eye on all of us as we go to the next call. We will never forget Tuesday but we will always remember who you were, the up and down times we had together working, and what you meant to us as a fire company and to each member as a friend. Rest in Peace and give Ando an extra scratch behind the ears.

Tribute by 
Darlington Volunteer Fire Company -Station 42, Ligonier