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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

EPA Hamstrung by Industry Meddling

"A new study has found that shale drilling and fracking contaminated drinking water wells in Pennsylvania. The study represents the first peer-reviewed paper confirming that fracking can and does contaminate drinking water supplies. The study discovered that the whitish foam seeping from the faucets and hoses in Bradford county homes was the drilling chemical 2-BE a "foaming agent" known to cause tumors in rodents. The fracking industry contaminant was present in drinking water wells closest to Chesapeake Energy shale operations. Residents of Bradford have been complaining about contaminated water since Chesapeake Energy began drilling in 2009. Bradford is now the "most fracked" county in Pennsylvania, and Chesapeake is the largest lease holder. While Chesapeake has never admitted responsibility for water contamination, the company has paid millions in settlements to Bradford residents since 2011."
                                     Water from a Bradford well gone bad.

This article goes on to cover the following questions, which Ligonier residents might want to know the answers to now that the doors are wide open to fracking in this area :

But didn't we already know that fracking can contaminate groundwater supplies?

Where is the EPA's study on fracking's impact on drinking water?