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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

gotta love 'em, the greed of the bold and shameless

Bottling the public's water in drought-stricken California for private profit...: WalMart, Starbucks, Crystal Geyser. 

''Walmart, like other large companies, draws water from municipal supplies to keep costs down. A Walmart spokesperson said that the company is “very concerned” about how the drought is affecting its customers and associates." ("very concerned''?! Very concerned they'd be found out, more like it... .)

"Starbucks was pushed to stop sourcing its Ethos bottled water from California after Mother Jones discovered that it had been drawing water from Placer County. Starbucks said it would move production to a supplier in Pennsylvania over the next six months. It is also looking for alternative suppliers for its west coast distribution.'' (Pennsylvania water?! Better check it for fracking toxins before you bottle it, Starbucks...oh, I forgot, you're a corporation, and so will simply deny knowledge if word gets out that the PA water in your bottles is poisoned.)

“Crystal Geyser in one day plans to pump more water than any three of my neighbors will use in an entire year,” Stevens said. “The entire state is under a 25% cut, farmers are letting fields go fallow and we don’t have one piece of legislation regulating water bottling.” (Sigh.)