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Friday, May 1, 2015

meet Daniel Little

Marianne and I were in Pittsburgh last night and decided to pop over to Hambone's in Lawrenceville for dinner.  While we were eating I noticed this fellow going to and fro on the stage behind me.  I knew there was a comedy open stage planned for later in the evening, and so I thought he might be one of the participants and we struck up a conversation.

Daniel is not a comedian.  Interestingly, and why I am posting this, he was there as part of an unusual marketing program for Green Mountain Energy. As you can tell, Daniel is a millennial and I am also interested in that generation's marketing theories as they are sort of on a track that differs from most. Daniel explained that they go to venues like Hambone's where interested folks might be hanging out.  They also go to festivals and other events where people might be interested in green technology.

I'm not a fan of wind farms but I know lots of our readers are so I decided to take a couple of pictures and post this here for your benefit if you decide you'd like to look into this energy program.  I know nothing about it.  If you want to contact Daniel, email or 412-320-3555.