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Friday, June 12, 2015

Anonymous posting township business

WAKE UP Ligonier Township Voters!!!  The NEW DAY promised by the current Ligonier Township Supervisors has turned into a NIGHTMARE!   It is admirable that a Recall has begun to remove those Township Supervisors from Public Office.  However, charges of not owning property will not remove a Township Supervisor from Public Office.  Rumors of bad behavior are not grounds for removal!!!  It is going to take hard work and digging to find the grounds for removal from office.  The Pennsylvania Constitution demands that the citizenry must show that the elected official has been convicted of a crime or involved in the common law crime of misbehavior in office.
It involves a commitment of regularly attending Township Meeting; watching, listening and taking notes to be informed.  Ask questions!!! Do you realize how dangerous a question from the Public is for the Ligonier Township Supervisors?  They have adopted a Public Comment Policy that makes it impossible for a Resident to just ask a question regarding an action taken by the Supervisors.  There is a Public Comment Period that you must sign up for in advance, and state the topic of your question on that form, or no questioning of your local elected officials why they voted on a contract, ordinance or resolution.  And your time is limited, speak five minutes and then sit down.
And then follow up investigating all business conducted at that meeting.  Whom was awarded that Insurance Contract?  Was there competitive bidding, or were just a few select agencies solicited for quotes. 
And look at the bills, the vendor lists, anything that provides a trail showing where and to whom Township Funds are being dispersed.  Don’t be afraid to use the Right to Know Act to request information.  And don’t let the Township bully and stall from giving that answer.
Start with the legal bills.  Does anyone really know how many Attorneys have been engaged by the Township in the past year? And hired for what cases?  Wouldn’t that be interesting to know!

Stop sitting by idly, get involved!  It is already known that at least two Appointed Officials met privately to discuss ways to rid of an Elected Ligonier Township Supervisor.  For what reason were they meeting off site?  Investigate the management of Ligonier Township Government and you decide!