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Thursday, June 25, 2015

OK!! Game changer...

Fracking produces massive amounts of water tainted with chemicals which must be disposed of in some way, and many states allow drillers to pump that water back into the ground under high pressure. As fracking has boomed across the country, that has led to a large increase in earthquakes in at least eight states.

"Oklahoma is considering tightening regulations on its oil and gas industry, after a spate of earthquakes which regulators say were probably related to an increase in fracking in the state. Between 17 and 24 June, Oklahoma experienced 35 earthquakes of 3.0 or greater magnitude, a huge jump from the average of about 12 a week experienced over the last year, according to the Oklahoma Geological Survey. In April, after years of officially denying that injecting wastewater produced by fracking deep into rock beds could be the cause of the state’s increased earthquakes, Oklahoma officials finally admitted a link. But now the quakes appear to have increased in frequency, and some tremors have struck dangerously close to the more densely populated Oklahoma City area, where there are no nearby wastewater injection sites. “We have to approach it anew,” Matt Skinner, a spokesman for the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, which regulates oil and gas drilling, told Reuters. “There’s been a huge increase. That’s a game changer.”

Two things wrong with this photo. Hint: Both of them are made of metal and one causes earthquakes, as well as other undesirable things like cancer.