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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Common sense: Oklahoma! Court Says Frackers Can Be Sued For Earthquakes

"The Oklahoma! State Supreme Court delivered a devastating blow to the fossil fuel industry when it unanimously decided that homeowners in Oklahoma could sue the industry for earthquake damage linked to hydraulic fracturing. While the justices on the Court did not necessarily endorse the link between fracking and earthquakes, they did acknowledge the fact that increased fracking activities have correlated with an increase in earthquakes*, and that existing tort laws would allow plaintiffs to sue the industry if damage can be proven."

(*Facts on the ground, so to speak: Earthquakes occur 2-3 times per day since the expansion of fracking began in OK!, as opposed to an average of 2 times per year prior to fracking. Hard to deny the causality, unless you are a oil and gas industry apologist and deny reality on a regular basis.)