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Monday, July 6, 2015

General note to excavators...thank you for doing a good job and caring.

I take it at face that most everyone takes pride in their job and I appreciate good follow up.

Recently had some excavation work done at the house and it was done well.

I'm posting this note as a request that the homeowner be given a choice about the final step.  You know, the part where you come back and spread grass seed.

I understand that this is perceived by many as the cherry on top of a job well done and I absolutely get that is it part of a good excavator's customer service process.  Thank you for caring.

I just need to say - and that's why I'm posting this - that not everyone wants grass everywhere.

From one who has to work hard at getting rid of grass to plant ground covers or perennials, bare ground is a gift. It's a blank canvas.

On Friday morning when I went out and saw the hay spread all along the house and in the flower bed on the side of the porch, I was disturbed.  I had asked that no seed be spread but that message didn't get to the right person and so now I had a whole lot of seed laid down on a day when we expected rain.

I pulled the hay off with the hope that some birds would find a good meal.  If I had a shop vac, I'd have sucked up the seed.  I called the contractor and made the request that someone remove the hay and bring a shop vac to take up the seed preferably before that evening when rain was expected.

I left and went to visit my mother in Pittsburgh.  When I got back, the hay was removed but not the seed.  Did someone try to take up the seed but couldn't or did someone decide that I'm a loon and should be ignored.  I don't know.

I do accept and appreciate that excavators think everyone will love the grass seed.  Thank you for caring, however, as we have recently celebrated Independence  Day and the joy of liberty, let us remember that private property does give us some freedom of choice and not all of us love lawn.

I also accept that there is a reason for everything and so perhaps I need to have the zen time to watch the grass seed germinate  and then pull out the shoots.