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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Ligonier Twp supervisors, take note!!

Your colleagues in South Fayette -- close to where drilling has demonstrated its ugliness, Washington, PA -- are standing up for their constituents and not caving to the well-funded oil and gas industry. Four of the five South Fayette commissioners know they work for the residents - for their health and well-being - not for the gas industry.

"South Fayette Commissioners late last night approved revisions to the oil and gas ordinance that limit drilling to areas zoned only for industrial use after the board listened to over three hours of public comments from more than 50 people voicing support and opposition to the proposed changes. The vote was 4 to 1, with Commissioner Jessica Cardillo-Wagenhoffer opposed. [...]

Speakers from around the region appeared in front of the Commissioners raising concerns over health, air quality, exclusion, taxes, land owners rights, and property value. A retired career Marine said, “My wife and I scrimped to save every dime we could to move to an area like South Fayette. We don’t want this in our back yard.” Two individuals with former careers in the industry encouraged the Board to approve the changes. Deb Carter Gordley called the drilling pads factories. Steve Doty said, “I have seen four fatalities…explosions…accidents…this is what you’re inviting into your community.” Opposed to the changes, John Deklewa said, “I feel like you’re taking ownership of my property.” [...]

South Fayette resident and School Board Director, Jen Iriti, quoted a RAND study conducted in Pennsylvania. “It highlights how drilling operations actually concentrate the pollution in a smaller geographic area. Although the DEP only monitors these as ‘minor source’ pollution generators…they are functionally a ‘major source,’” she said."