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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Ted Cruz: One of the scarier puppets/marionettes being "performed" by the oil+gas industry, hell-bent on profits at any cost...

"Senator Ted Cruz, raising cash for a 2016 presidential bid, was to meet privately Monday in Denver, Colorado with executives from major oil and gas corporations, all members of the pro-fracking lobby group Western Energy Alliance (WEA), according to details of the secret meeting shared with the Center for Media and Democracy. The Republican presidential candidate, a climate change denier, is also a leading proponent of opening up federal lands in the west--in fact virtually all lands everywhere--to energy development, and for scrapping regulations on oil and gas development. 

Members of the forty year old Western Energy Alliance include massive fracking corporations like Devon Energy, Encana, Whiting, and Halliburton, as well as Koch Exploration Company, the fracking arm of the Charles and David Koch’s sprawling energy business. Cruz sponsored legislation in the Senate in 2015--the American Energy Renaissance Act--that would limit federal regulations on fracking, ostensibly providing states the ability to lease federal land to energy companies for fracking."