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Monday, August 17, 2015

1000s of medical people call for divestment

"...many of these companies continue to use their considerable influence to delay political action, as tobacco companies have done previously," they continued. "Shell’s lobbying against binding EU renewables targets and its decision to drill for Arctic oil, which cannot safely be burned, give additional cause for alarm."

"Adding their collective voice to a growing campaign, nearly 1,000 health professionals from around the world on Friday released an open letter calling on one of the world's largest health charities, the U.K.-based Wellcome Trust, to honor the principle of "do no harm" by divesting from the fossil fuels industry. The letter notes that "divestment rests on the premise that it is wrong to profit from an industry whose core business threatens human and planetary health, bringing to mind one of the foundations of medical ethics—first, do no harm." 

Coordinated by the non-governmental health organization MedAct and the Climate and Health Council, the letter came five months after the Guardian initiated a campaign urging the world's two largest charitable funds—the Wellcome Trust and Gates Foundation—to divest their endowments from 200 fossil fuel companies over the next five years to bring their practices in line with their stated commitments to combat climate change. Since then, over 226,000 people have joined in the pressure campaign.''