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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Back to school, time to make lists...

Back-to-school list:

Gas Mask

Don't think this won't happen in our backyard, Ligonier. The oil and gas industry (and its lackeys/apologists) want you to stay asleep/distracted/ignorant of the truth, and the truth is fracking is a penny-wise, pound-foolish load of crap. A few investors/landowners get the money and the region absorbs the blowback. The kids get sick, the wells fail, the air quality plummets. We don't even get to keep the ding-dang goes to Japan, sold by the industry for massive profits.

Short term, meager benefits, long-term harm. See the latest health news related to fracking at

Get busy.

Make a Get To Work list, and have "join the good people fighting the destruction of our valley and the Highlands" on it.