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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Happy Birthday, Lacy :)

Happy Birthday, Sunshine!
Once again, I'm pretty sure you'll be sticking with the usual 28.3 years old explanation when asked if you are a lao ren. Of course, you did go to China to process retirement paperwork.
So, it's Lacy's birthday and about as absolutely abnormal as possible. Yesterday morning she had messaged her classmate from medical school had  insisted and took her to the hospital for eye infection and pain that had looked coming on strong last night our time. She has also been to her classmate's hospital now and received further medications. Says it "isn't getting worse."
She's probably tied up at another wedding. She had two last week, a niece and medical school classmate's daughter. The family one, Shau Ru, named by Aunt Lacy as an infant, progressed to what she considered some interesting wedding customs. She's working the mission, writing her life story with her other niece Furong transcribing in native Chinese to be  later translated into English.
Anyway, it's Lacy's birthday!
Her direct email if she is able to be connected and her cell phone is working:
She very much enjoyed that people had asked about her last week or so
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