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Friday, August 7, 2015

Mountain Palace - Closed Until End of August

Is that August 2015 or some other future year?

What is going on at Mountain Palace?

Lacy in China with a cold and fever in bed sleeping. Has a friend's daughter's wedding to attend in about 12 hours. :)
Clay totally lost it three weeks ago.
Nobody yet has shown up from mental health to do a thing with him!

We hope for some renovation assistance that is to take place this Saturday & Sunday. As far as being open on August 7, 2015, come at your own risk. You can get dumplings and Budweiser in red striped cans if you come early. Bring your own gloves, tools or cleaning stuff. Have fun, I am thinking retirement in Tahiti.

Frozen Hand/Homemade Northern Chinese Dumplings:
724 288-3872
Delivery Arrangements Possible