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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Picking The Wings Off Butterflies

"Blithely returning to the scene of (one of) his crimes, a grinning, dancing, shamelessly tone-deaf George Bush visited New Orleans on the 10th anniversary of Katrina to rewrite history, honor a rebuilt school, and celebrate what one former lackey called "the almost unimaginable renaisssance" of a city that for thousands of hardscrabble survivors remains ravaged. Bush has evidently, conveniently forgotten what one historian has called the "confluence of blunders" - from a disastrously inadequate rescue effort to his fly-over on Air Force One to his infamous "Heckuva job, Brownie" - that led furious residents to display Bush effigies at local carnivals for years after Katrina.
Bush wasn't the only one turning a blindly revisionist eye to the realities of Katrina. Before a planned visit by Obama, Louisiana's moronic Gov. Bobby Jindal wrote an open letter urging the Administration to avoid "inserting the divisive political agenda of liberal environmental activism" by mentioning the C word - climate change. "The temptation to stray into climate change politics should be resisted," he lectured, straying into politics. Besides, he added, "The people of Louisiana have already agreed upon a pragmatic and bipartisan approach to preventing and mitigating the damage of future weather systems," though he failed to note that the people he's accusing of having all these stupid ideas about how hurricanes happen are the same people paying for that solution."