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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A good CEO...what a relief to find one

"Turkey-born Chobani yogurt company CEO Hamdi Ulukaya, a Kurd, recently visited the Greek island of Lesbos, to see for himself the plight of the tens of thousands of mainly Syrian refugees who are flooding into Europe through Turkey. He tells Here & Now‘s Peter O’Dowd that he saw desperate conditions there: “You would assume there would be tents, there will be housing, there will be food, a cup of soup at least … none of that.” So he’s set up a new foundation, called Tent, to help. And he wants other CEOs to join him in hiring refugees, something he’s done for years at his production plants."
Ulukaya has given half of his fortune to make immediate aid available to the refugees. See the top link for the very revealing 10-minute interview with this amazing CEO. (Would that they were all this human.) And I learned at the Chobani website that they don't allow rBGH in their cows or use any GMOs. They source locally, and are committed to open labeling of their ingredients. Not organic, but going in the right direction. And even before the decision to give half his fortune away (because he can), Chobani gives 10% of their profits to charity. Amazing. They hire new immigrants to the US. My immigrant grandfather would've appreciated that when he faced those "No Micks need apply" signs everywhere when he looked for work in the 20s. We are all immigrants here.

This man walks the talk, and leads the way.

Good to know, way to go.