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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

a new blog....Song Mine

Every blog has a first official post and this is the Song Mine blog's first.

Hello.  My name is Diane Cipa.  I am hooked on songwriting and I've only written 1 1/2 songs.  I'm a newbie.  Been immersed in music forEVER and just didn't think I had the ability to create a melody, figure out chord progressions and match all of that up with lyrics that work within a song.

Words are not my problem.  I can write.  Words come easily.  Actually melodies come easily to me, too. If I'm not listening to someone else singing, I'm creating melodies in my head.  I can make up all kinds of crazy harmonies, too, because I'm always singing outside and around the melody when I listen to tunes.but somehow I just couldn't grasp how it all came together in song craft.