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Thursday, October 22, 2015

from UofTexas, of all places: Majority of Americans want climate action, local drilling control

This is the university's ninth biannual energy poll, which queried 2,019 people around the United States and had a margin of error of 3.1 percentage points 

"A new poll out Tuesday shows the majority of Americans are urging political action on climate change.The University of Texas survey shows growing support for legislation to phase out coal, require renewable energy in public utilities and allow cities to ban hydraulic fracturing. Forty-eight percent of participants said they were familiar with fracking, and about 58 percent of those familiar with the practice said cities should have the right to ban fracking, even if it clashes with state law. [...]

The poll noted that Democrats and millennials have greater percentages in favor of the new fossil fuel regulations, but Republicans, too, have a growing number of members concerned with climate change and carbon-emitting practices. About 90 percent of Democrats believe climate change is occurring, as opposed to 59 percent of Republicans, but this is up from 47 percent among Republicans only six months ago, according to the poll. Among Democrats in the poll, 74 percent said they're more likely to vote for someone requiring utilities to use a certain amount of renewables. Fifty percent of Republicans said the same."